Passion for Haiti Foundation

With the help of local Sarasota, Florida residents and in particular Jackie Cutrone Passion for Haiti Foundation, Inc., became a charitable organization 501 (c) (3) under the State of Florida in 2010.  Jackie met Quincy in 2009 when his car service took her to the Sarasota airport.  Friendly conversations about Quincy’s childhood in Atrelle and family ensued over numerous trips throughout the year.  Wanting to help and having an extensive professional background in fundraising, Jackie’s first effort raised over $15,000.  The money has been used for education, supplies, food, and medical supplies.  A Board of Directors was formed and the Passion for Haiti Foundation Inc., supporting the Atrelle Orphanage is active and alive.  As more people come on board, this organization will expand and continue to provide relief to this extremely poor area. 

The goal of Passion for Haiti Foundation Inc. is to help maintain the church/school building and dig a well nearby for the community to use.  Irrigation and sanitation will then be possible for them to sustain themselves.  Farming will be made easier and food supplies will be more plentiful.

Please inquire about making a contribution.  All financial donations will receive a tax-deductable receipt.