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The Atrelle Orphanage in Haiti needs your help.


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There are currently  280 children ranging in ages from 3 to 18 years in the Atrelle Orphanage in Haiti, the children are educated in grass huts with no electricity and running water.  The need to assume the responsibility for so many children was a result of the catastrophe in the Port au Prince region in January of 2010.  Eating one meal a day is the norm for these children.  And walking 10 miles per day to get to the school is the norm for some others who attend. 

The goal of Passion for Haiti Foundation Inc. is to help maintain the church/school building and dig a well nearby for the community to use.  Irrigation and sanitation will then be possible for them to sustain themselves.  Farming will be made easier and food supplies will be more plentiful.

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